About Coleen Ellis


“She changed my world! I was in a job that was merely a job. NOW I’m living my dream!”

My Approach

As an entrepreneur, I loved the challenge of taking a passion and finding a way to live my “why” every day! However, it wasn’t easy! I had a business degree, I had life experiences and an awesome business partner to guide me to a successful start and journey.

But, I knew there was more. The life I shared with my beautiful pooch, Mico, and her subsequent death drove me to start the first stand-alone pet funeral home in the country. My love for animals and the experiential aspect of the death care process was the perfect intersection to fulfill the two things that made me tick.

Therefore, I turned to the lessons our animals teach us as the perfect cap to everything else I knew about life, and business. We all know IQ and EQ. Let’s take nature’s lessons of AQ (Animal Quotient) with easy-to-remember guides for you, and your team.

Where in The world has Coleen been?

Audiences world-wide have been on the receiving end of the Coleen.Rocks frenzy! From presentations tailored to the veterinary profession, organizations looking to branch out into other types of line-extension services, to businesses needing a boost of energy, Coleen’s rocked it!


  • United States
  • Canada
  • Guatemala
  • Australia
  • Italy



  • IVEC – PET Award
  • Pet Loss Pioneer
  • FHSU Alumni of the Year
  • First Female President’s Club
  • Masters Club
  • Synergy Award
  • 1st Pet Loss & Grief Companioning Certification

Books & Publications

Coleen’s first book Pet Parents: A Journey Through Unconditional Love & Grief has been a go-to for veterinary professionals and pet lovers! 

Business Coaching

My Book

As with so many people, a devastating situation prompts change and growth. For Coleen, the loss of her precious pooch, Mico, in 2003 was the defining moment that changed her life, her trajectory, and her “why” in life. This book is a beautiful journey through life, love, and the creation of a legacy.