Knowing Your Strengths as a Solopreneur or Entrepreneur

You’ve heard the phrase “that dog won’t hunt.” There’s sometimes as a business owner where that statement is more true than a failed plan or strategy. Maybe you’re not a hunter, nor have you seen a trained hunting dog work, but I’ll bet you know this to be true: Chihuahuas don’t hunt! Knowing your strengths, playing to your strengths, and working within your strengths will take a business further than focusing on weaknesses!

Working on the Business, Versus in the Business

You created this amazing business to fulfill a mission. It’s off and running and you’re proud as a peacock! Now, life is getting in the way, and you’re not sure where this bus is headed. It’s time to step back, see what your goal is, and find that time to work ON the business, and not IN the business. Ever watch a group of Border Collie’s work? There’s always a goal, and they are always executing on the goal. Time to get in the frackus, and time to stand back and survey the progress. It’s time YOU step back and put the goal in mind again.

Work on YOU!

After all, you deserve to be the best you can be! Look around you… from successful football players to the special teams for the armed forces, every day is about training and being better. The best of the best don’t wake up one morning and say “today, I’m going to be the starting quarterback on a winning Super Bowl team” nor is that the case with our amazing K9 officers and protectors. Training, practice, determination and the will to be better.

Tiger Student asks FHSU alumni/supporter why they give back

Earlier this year, Fort Hays State University student Cyrus Haynes had a conversation with FHSU alumnae and supporter Coleen Ellis.
One of the questions Cyrus asked was what drives Coleen to give back to the university.

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